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2014-10-09 12:44:39 by ParcivalGodrigson

4889119_141287307763_o.jpgThere always comes a time when stuff goes downhill quickly, as it did today when my entire (small) technic team for the game, gave the quits based solely on the fact, they weren't able to work with my artstyle.

So the game has been set back... again. This time, harshly. But I am confident enough and will not accept defeat thus easily; after all, the team (small one) was made out of beginners and I haven't searched further on for something better (Probably my own fault).

Now, the good news is, that while the setback was harshly given, I learned from it. Thus I'll take my time to search for the perfect people to fill the spot and in the meantime, work onwards on the comic! One such quick sketch you can see on the left (I know, I'm giving you only stills, you'll get something more action packed soon).

The plan for the comic continues well, with new characters being added on a weekly basis though has been slowed down for the game and well, some of the pages needed revising (I don't aim to make a commercial comic, putting something to differ myself from the others is a need in my situation). 

Soo, stay tuned for news! A new artwork is coming soon!

A Step Ahead

2014-10-06 12:38:25 by ParcivalGodrigson


It's been a while since I uploaded anything and for a good reason! The game project slowly takes shape, with a music composer joining the frey, a clothes designer and a scripter.

Furthermore, yours truly is working on his style, with added focus on the hands and with a more detailed character. As you can see to the left (A quick sketch), Parcival Godrigson now appears a tad more rotate, as oppossed to his earlier depictions (which were direct profiles).

In the coming days, I will further work on the character while pondering over the drawing of the enviroment around him. Something is certain, step by step, I will acomplish my goal.

Getting Busy

2014-09-22 07:05:02 by ParcivalGodrigson

Not a week ago, I was minding my own business and simply enjoying in my time drawing new Birmwood titled graphics, until I get a call from a friend that the game idea I had a time ago, got the green light.

In 2 weeks, we'd have a meeting with some people who could potentially sponsore the idea and of course, I jumped skywards high. I was overjoyed but as well, frightened. 2 weeks to get everything rolling. While I was busy, drawing, writing the plot, the lore. I'm swimming in a pool of concepts and ideas, but nothing clean to show for!

So, this means that for a while, I will cease to post any new graphics, update my galery with old vector works I have on my PC. But then again, you may see some great new, big, graphics coming soon! This time, it's some action packed stuff!

A step higher

2014-09-15 17:34:54 by ParcivalGodrigson

Some who know me personally would call me crazy, but how can one be 'crazy' about something he created himself? In my case, my obsession with Birmwood and most notabily its protagonist, Parcival Godrigson.

A few months ago, I was part of a local children art camp in town, the kind where those young rascals get to throw out their energy and ideas and give their parents time for some adult time as they lay fast asleep. There, I got this idea of making a sculpture, a bust to be more precise. And who else to go with, then good ol' Parcival!

Now, as I am nearing my last touches with the prototype of his head (Which I didn't create out of clay as it'd get quite $$ pricy, I used cardboard. It's free, there's a lot of it, it's solid and can be made stronger in the end.) Here are a few shots of it.

















The idea was to make it a 1:1 ratio, issue is I forgot to keep up with the thing and it ended up being once bigger. So, the size of this head right now is 2 and a half my heads (Average guy). It's way too big. BUT, I got an even better idea. I found working with the cardboard quite a pleasure (It'll be covered later on and the whole thing will look as if done in stone, or so such) that I decided to make the ENTIRE Birmwood hero! His entire body, standing in an action pose with his sword in hand and torch in other.

Positively, the head helps A LOT with some hard pose building, giving me the ability to draw Parcival in all sort of angels possible and still, keeping him 1:1 from each picture to another. Sure will help with the comics.

Big Booty

2014-09-13 18:24:20 by ParcivalGodrigson

Ideas, they're buzzling a plenty in my head!

Making the finishing touches on my newest graphic illustration with the new shading, so we'll have to see if it's the right way to go for the comic to begin with! The story though, grows nicely. Working partly on the display of the first big mythological creature that the readers will stumble across (In the comic at least); the same thing that will make its appearance in the book (Which chapter? I don't know yet).

The creature will be refered to as The Old Lady (Working title) and the concept of how it will look I caught from the Willendorf Venus, Pafa (A creature from the Romanian mythology), Southpark (There was this one teacher who had hanging breasts... well, that's the element I took from). A hidious creature indeed, not entirely evil but I wouldn't put my hand into flames for her, she ain't good too. Feeding on the stories of others, she is often a source of inspiration for bards and story tellers, though her price varies and isn't always nice or tricky.

I'll post some quick illustrations of her soon, but first there's the big image that awaits to be done! Expect it to show up around Monday, Tuesday.

Voyage, adieu!

2014-09-12 19:12:37 by ParcivalGodrigson

What a time it has been! 

Finally I'm back at Newgrounds and doing what I should have done a year ago - be active and post something! Over the past few months of my inactivity on the forum, I've acumulated as much art like dust on the rooftop. How to start sharing and where is currently buzzing through my mind, but I don't want to rush it soo... I've uploaded two images for now, one that I finished recently and an older one that was sported in a gallery exhibition in my town of Maribor (Slovenia).

Otherwise, there's much that needs doing, I just started working with this, modified version of medieval woodcut and I aim to twist it to my ends for the realization of a comic. That's right, a comic! Based on the medieval fiction of Birmwood I'm writing (Link to it available to the left). Since I have a tremendous headache at the moment, I'll write in soon!