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A Step Ahead

2014-10-06 12:38:25 by ParcivalGodrigson


It's been a while since I uploaded anything and for a good reason! The game project slowly takes shape, with a music composer joining the frey, a clothes designer and a scripter.

Furthermore, yours truly is working on his style, with added focus on the hands and with a more detailed character. As you can see to the left (A quick sketch), Parcival Godrigson now appears a tad more rotate, as oppossed to his earlier depictions (which were direct profiles).

In the coming days, I will further work on the character while pondering over the drawing of the enviroment around him. Something is certain, step by step, I will acomplish my goal.


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2014-10-06 12:51:41

Glad to hear that things are going well, can't wait to read the comic.

ParcivalGodrigson responds:

The comic will be part of the Kickstarter campaign for the game, so if you wish to get the game and the comic (Which all together, will be 5 parts), you make sure to keep your eyes on Kickstarter!