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Getting Busy

2014-09-22 07:05:02 by ParcivalGodrigson

Not a week ago, I was minding my own business and simply enjoying in my time drawing new Birmwood titled graphics, until I get a call from a friend that the game idea I had a time ago, got the green light.

In 2 weeks, we'd have a meeting with some people who could potentially sponsore the idea and of course, I jumped skywards high. I was overjoyed but as well, frightened. 2 weeks to get everything rolling. While I was busy, drawing, writing the plot, the lore. I'm swimming in a pool of concepts and ideas, but nothing clean to show for!

So, this means that for a while, I will cease to post any new graphics, update my galery with old vector works I have on my PC. But then again, you may see some great new, big, graphics coming soon! This time, it's some action packed stuff!


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2014-09-22 08:22:45

Good luck, man.

ParcivalGodrigson responds:

Thanks! I'll update you folks on the news once I get it!