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Entry #6


2014-10-09 12:44:39 by ParcivalGodrigson

4889119_141287307763_o.jpgThere always comes a time when stuff goes downhill quickly, as it did today when my entire (small) technic team for the game, gave the quits based solely on the fact, they weren't able to work with my artstyle.

So the game has been set back... again. This time, harshly. But I am confident enough and will not accept defeat thus easily; after all, the team (small one) was made out of beginners and I haven't searched further on for something better (Probably my own fault).

Now, the good news is, that while the setback was harshly given, I learned from it. Thus I'll take my time to search for the perfect people to fill the spot and in the meantime, work onwards on the comic! One such quick sketch you can see on the left (I know, I'm giving you only stills, you'll get something more action packed soon).

The plan for the comic continues well, with new characters being added on a weekly basis though has been slowed down for the game and well, some of the pages needed revising (I don't aim to make a commercial comic, putting something to differ myself from the others is a need in my situation). 

Soo, stay tuned for news! A new artwork is coming soon!


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