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Voyage, adieu!

2014-09-12 19:12:37 by ParcivalGodrigson

What a time it has been! 

Finally I'm back at Newgrounds and doing what I should have done a year ago - be active and post something! Over the past few months of my inactivity on the forum, I've acumulated as much art like dust on the rooftop. How to start sharing and where is currently buzzing through my mind, but I don't want to rush it soo... I've uploaded two images for now, one that I finished recently and an older one that was sported in a gallery exhibition in my town of Maribor (Slovenia).

Otherwise, there's much that needs doing, I just started working with this, modified version of medieval woodcut and I aim to twist it to my ends for the realization of a comic. That's right, a comic! Based on the medieval fiction of Birmwood I'm writing (Link to it available to the left). Since I have a tremendous headache at the moment, I'll write in soon!


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2014-09-13 06:37:53

Man the story seems to be quite interesting a whole comic on that style would be something stupendous.

ParcivalGodrigson responds:

The comic would take place later on in the story, since the two friends (Parc and Raike) later on become Drifters. But it's sure going to contain a lot of folklore elements and mystery over some arcane magic or high fantasy things.