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Big Booty

2014-09-13 18:24:20 by ParcivalGodrigson

Ideas, they're buzzling a plenty in my head!

Making the finishing touches on my newest graphic illustration with the new shading, so we'll have to see if it's the right way to go for the comic to begin with! The story though, grows nicely. Working partly on the display of the first big mythological creature that the readers will stumble across (In the comic at least); the same thing that will make its appearance in the book (Which chapter? I don't know yet).

The creature will be refered to as The Old Lady (Working title) and the concept of how it will look I caught from the Willendorf Venus, Pafa (A creature from the Romanian mythology), Southpark (There was this one teacher who had hanging breasts... well, that's the element I took from). A hidious creature indeed, not entirely evil but I wouldn't put my hand into flames for her, she ain't good too. Feeding on the stories of others, she is often a source of inspiration for bards and story tellers, though her price varies and isn't always nice or tricky.

I'll post some quick illustrations of her soon, but first there's the big image that awaits to be done! Expect it to show up around Monday, Tuesday.


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2014-09-14 02:19:40

Wait... did i just read a post entitled big booty, which talked about drawing saggy tits? damn you internet! XD.

ParcivalGodrigson responds:

There isn't a better match, trust me.