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A step higher

2014-09-15 17:34:54 by ParcivalGodrigson

Some who know me personally would call me crazy, but how can one be 'crazy' about something he created himself? In my case, my obsession with Birmwood and most notabily its protagonist, Parcival Godrigson.

A few months ago, I was part of a local children art camp in town, the kind where those young rascals get to throw out their energy and ideas and give their parents time for some adult time as they lay fast asleep. There, I got this idea of making a sculpture, a bust to be more precise. And who else to go with, then good ol' Parcival!

Now, as I am nearing my last touches with the prototype of his head (Which I didn't create out of clay as it'd get quite $$ pricy, I used cardboard. It's free, there's a lot of it, it's solid and can be made stronger in the end.) Here are a few shots of it.

















The idea was to make it a 1:1 ratio, issue is I forgot to keep up with the thing and it ended up being once bigger. So, the size of this head right now is 2 and a half my heads (Average guy). It's way too big. BUT, I got an even better idea. I found working with the cardboard quite a pleasure (It'll be covered later on and the whole thing will look as if done in stone, or so such) that I decided to make the ENTIRE Birmwood hero! His entire body, standing in an action pose with his sword in hand and torch in other.

Positively, the head helps A LOT with some hard pose building, giving me the ability to draw Parcival in all sort of angels possible and still, keeping him 1:1 from each picture to another. Sure will help with the comics.


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